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Why Trust Seals Are Important

dentistMainThere have been numerous studies on the impact of trust seals – Moz mentions that two companies, Cheskin Research and Studio Archetype/Sapient, were conducting e-commerce trust studies back in 1999. Overall, the general consensus has been that trust seals are indeed important for e-commerce sites.

According to research conducted by independent research firm TNS in April 2005, a majority of online shoppers are aware what a seal is meant to represent – only one in five did not. Furthermore, 88% of American online shoppers stated that trust seals were important for sites.In fact, 79% of shoppers expected to see some sort of seal on a sites’ home page.

Plus, approximately 70% of online shoppers cancelled their online order because they did not “trust” the transaction.

More recently, a survey conducted by Matthew Niederberger on Actual Insights, found trust logos increased the trustworthiness in over 75% of respondents. He also found that “61% of participants said they have at one time NOT completed a purchase because there were no trust logos present.”

We have seen that smaller sites get the biggest bang for the buck by using a trust seal”, says Greg Hartnett of Best of the Web. “Well known, larger sites (think eBay or Amazon) aren’t going to see as much of a rise in conversions, because people already know and trust those sites. But smaller sites that have used the Best of the Web Trust Seal have seen conversion increase by 20% or more.

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