What am I Required to do During The Verification Process?
During the verification process we will verify the contact information you submit during registration. We?ll also make sure you have a properly installed SSL certificate if you collect sensitive information from users (we are happy to help you with this if needed) and ensure that you have a privacy policy posted (again we are here to help you).

The verification is handled almost entirely by our verification team and typically requires only minimal involvement from you. It is a very easy process that any business can achieve.

How Long Does It Take To Get Verified?
Our verification team will begin the website verification process immediately after you submit your registration. The process can take as little as 1 day to complete.

I'm Not Very Technical. Will I Be Able To Use TrustAward Services?
We designed our trust seals to be easy to use. We have step-by-step guides to help you with the easy installation process of our website trust seals.

I Have Multiple Sub-Domains As Part Of My Website. Can I Use One TrustAward Account For All My Sub-Domains?
Yes, all TrustAward services work with unlimited sub-domains. Just register one TrustAward account and install the trust seals across all your sub-domains.

Do You Offer Discounts For Multiple Domains?
Yes, just chat with us or email us to request your multi-domain discount. The more domains you register, the lower the price for each domain.